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The Center for Children’s Initiatives (CCI) , formerly known as Child Care, Inc., champions the right of all children to start life with the best possible foundation of learning, care and health. 

Realizing the long term benefits – for children, for families and for our society – CCI works to ensure investments in quality and supports for working families to give all of our children the opportunity for a bright future.  

What's New at CCI

Building Bright Futures for Children: Newsletter 


 2015 Champions for Children Awards Luncheon

Honoree Nomination Criteria  


Excellence in Leadership Award 

  1. Individual or nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality,sustainability, affordability and/or accessibility 
  2. to children services
  3. Works above and beyond the call of duty to promote and improve children’s service
  4. Innovative ideas generation in problem solving
  5. Persistence in pursuing the extension of services to more needy children
  6. Increases the visibility of Child Care among new audiences and/or constituencies 

Golden Heart Award 

  1. Long-term self-less service to children(minimum of 10-15 years of service)
  2. Individual that either provides direct care of children or manages the direct care of children
  3. Unique and inspiring life story and/or commitment to children’s issues
  4. Evinces an unconditional love and understanding of children’s needs
  5. Recognize by community and peers as extraordinary example of dedicated individual to children 

Philanthropic Award 

  1. Long-term commitment to improving Child Care services (birth-5 years)
  2. Addresses compelling and/or emerging needs in children services
  3. Unique or innovative approach to supporting those needs
  4. Support goes beyond grant-making to working actively with the community and/or parents around children’s issues
  5. Increases the visibility of children’s issues through marketing campaigns,web presence,
  6. meetings/forums or other communication strategies 

Corporate Leadership Award 

  1. Financial support of agencies working for the care of young children
  2. Innovative management of corporate policies supporting worker needs to care for their children
  3. Promoting government policies and regulations supporting early care and education
  4. Can be national or regional in scope
  5. Provides volunteer or employee match opportunities to support children services  


There are three ways to submit a worthy nominee

1.Download this form, fill it out and fax it to: 212-929-5785 

2. Mail the form to: 322 8th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 1000

3. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the following criteria: 

  • Your name, phone number and email address
  • The name of the person or organization you're nominating
  • Why you've chosen to nominate this person/organization and for which award
  • The address, email and phone number for the nominee (if you know it) 

 Winter/Spring Training Calendar is Here!

Click to view the PDF version of the Winter/Spring Training Calendar



CCI Partners Again with CEE to Release

New Proposal for Statewide Full-Day Pre-K


CCI and CEE (Campaign for Educational Equality) have released their latest proposal for ensuring adequate, appropriate, and stable funding for pre-K in New York State, Securing the Future of New York's Children: Taking the Final Steps Toward Truly Universal Prekindergarten. This proposal builds on The Roadmap for making pre-K truly universal released last year. 


 Click here for the full report
 Click here for the highlights 






To view the CCI & CEE 2013 Statewide Road map:

Click here for the Full Report

Executive Summary