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Center for Children’s Initiatives (formerly Child Care, Inc.) champions the right of all children to start life with the best possible foundation of early learning, care and health. Founded in 1982, CCI has over thirty years of experience supporting families by helping them to be more effective consumers of early care and learning services.

CCI provides specialized training and one-to-one intensive technical assistance to all types of programs serving children birth through school age. CCI is a respected and nationally recognized voice promoting appropriate public investments and innovative solutions to improve quality and access to the best options for all families. Informed by our relationships with parents, professionals and policy makers, CCI is uniquely positioned to provide insight and recommend solutions.

CCI’s Parent Referral Service assisted nearly 4,000 New York City parents this past year in navigating the complexities of finding and choosing early care and education arrangements for their children.

In 2011, CCI provided information, ongoing technical assistance and professional development opportunities to more than 3500 individuals and organizations seeking to start-up, expand, maintain and improve the quality of their services. CCI’s professional development opportunities span from early literacy and business management training to long-term intensive accreditation support and required credentialing classes for after school professionals. We provide affordable training in topics as diverse as health, safety, child development, and sound business practices.

The Center for Children’s Initiatives, a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization, is governed by a Board of Directors led by Chairperson Carol Saginaw. Executive Director Nancy Kolben brings more than 25 years of experience to the organization. The CCI staff is made up of early childhood professionals, specialists in infant and toddler care and education, former teachers, social workers, policy experts, nonprofit professionals and health care experts.  




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